Smart Cards

Contactless Smart Cards

Vuance Group (formerly SuperCom) Contactless Smart Card offers significant benefits for individuals, businesses, and governments. Users of Smart Cards enjoy greater satisfaction through faster, more convenient and more secure access to information and services. Widely known as one of the most secure and reliable forms of electronic identification, smart cards can provide secure and accurate identity verification, and when combined with biometrics, can enhance the security of the system and protect the privacy of system information.

Smart Card technology enables access control systems to implement more secure identity verification for both physical and logical access and provides a technology platform for adding new applications that further enhance user convenience and simplify business processes.

Vuance Smart Card technology delivers many benefits including:

· Robust security, supporting multi-factor authentication and a variety of authentication and encryption techniques.

· Flexibility to incorporate multiple applications and to support multiple technology cards and readers.

· High speed access and reduced maintenance costs for contactless physical access control.

· Stores biometric data.

From traditional ID documents to modern e-commerce cards, SuperCom’s Contactless Smart Cards carry large quantities of data, securely stored in a sealed microchip and can be “read” by using the Vuance Smart Card Reader.

Vuance Contactless Smart Cards are produced and personalized in a centralized or decentralized production environment, and offer superior performance across the board. Vuance Contactless Smart Cards are constructed with ultra-strong Teslin and lamination with materials and data retention guaranteed for up to 10 years. Top-of-the-line raw materials and Vuance advanced laser printing ensure the highest color quality for both pre-printed and personalized data.

Contactless Smart Cards may be ordered in various sizes with virtually any chip on the market (including re-programmable chips), any artwork and customized software applications.

Technical Specification

  • Chip Type: Contactless memory
  • Chip Memory Size: Up to 2 Kb
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Card Size: ID1 to ID2 and customized sizes
  • Card Life: 10 years
  • Communication speed: Max. 424 kbps
  • Special Features: Magnetic stripe Hi-Co (Optional)
    Secured data storage
  • Contactless environment advantage
  • Data Storage on card