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Card Data Systems offers the world’s best selling identification systems. The systems are fully integrated and offer unsurpassed quality, performance, reliability and simplicity of operation. Our customers rely on our outstanding on-site service and technical support for installation, training and day-to-day issues that may arise during the lifetime of your system.

As a provider of Datacard Solutions in NJ, DE and PA, Card Data Systems can help you assess your needs and propose a cost-effective solution. Call to discuss specific needs, demonstrate the printer and show samples of how other organizations are using their card solutions.

Datacard Digital Photo ID Systems

Datacard is the world leader in visual, physical and virtual identification solutions. More than 7 million credit, debit, photo ID, license, membership, healthcare, telephone, gift, access control and smart cards are issued by Datacard systems, in over 120 countries, each day. Card Data Systems (a Toshiba company) is the only Datacard authorized sales and service provider in New Jersey, Delaware and Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Datacard systems allow you to use any combination of images and machine-readable technologies to produce the picture-perfect badge for your organization. From simple card IDs to access control badges and membership club cards- these systems make the entire process fast, easy and affordable. Our card-based solutions help organizations increase profitability, reduce costs, improve service and enhance security.

Datacard’s own software, ID Works, integrates the camera, printer and customer database which makes it the most productive and user-friendly solution on the market today. The cards are used for access, accountability, debit and membership programs as well as simple visual verification of someone’s credentials.

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